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We are interested in phenomena that occur when continuous dynamics, described by systems of differential equations, are combined with discrete dynamics, modeled as automata or state transition graphs. Such systems are called hybrid, and examples range from man-made systems such as mobile robots, to naturally occurring systems such as biochemical networks, where the continuous dynamics of metabolic processes is regulated by the logic of gene expression. Our approach to the analysis and control of such systems combine concepts and tools from computer science and control theory. Our current application areas are networked mobile robotics, swarming, gene networks, and genome scale metabolic analysis.

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05/19/2014 Austin successfully defended his PhD prospectus. Congratulations Austin!

04/04/2014 Igor defended his PhD thesis titled "Vehicle Control from Temporal Logic Specifications with Probabilistic Satisfaction Guarantees" and became Dr. Cizelj !

02/05/2014 Ebru defended her PhD thesis titled "Formal Verification and Controller Synthesis for Discrete-Time Systems" and became Dr. Aydin-Gol !

12/18/2013 Alphan defended his PhD thesis titled "Optimal Temporal Logic Control of Autonomous Vehicles" and became Dr.Ulusoy!

11/19/2013 Guilhem defended his PhD thesis titled "Affecting the macrophage response to infection by integrating signaling and gene regulatory networks" and became Dr. Richard!

04/22/2013 Mike successfully defended his MSc thesis. Congratulations Mike!

04/01/2013 Yushan defended her PhD thesis titled "Formal Synthesis of Control and Communication Schemes" and became Dr. Chen!

01/25/2013 Igor successfully defended his PhD prospectus. Congratulations Igor!

01/22/2013 Ebru successfully defended her PhD prospectus. Congratulations Ebru!

11/28/2012 Alphan successfully defended his PhD prospectus. Congratulations Alphan!

07/25/2012 Hybrid Systems Computation and Control (HSCC 2013) is now accepting submissions (website)

07/18/2012 Morteza defended his PhD thesis titled "Formal Verification and Control of Discrete-Time Stochastic Systems with Applications in Robotics" and became Dr. Lahijanian!

05/02/2012 NSF Workshop on Formal Composition of Motion Primitives (organizers Aaron Ames and Calin Belta), June 12, MIT (one day before WAFR) (website and registration)

04/06/2012 Ana successfully defended her PhD prospectus. Congratulations Ana!

03/23/2012 Yushan got the CISE First Prize at the BU Science & Engineering Day for her work on Robot Motion Control based on Automata Learning of Environmental Dynamics

03/23/2012 Alphan got the CISE Honorable Mention at the BU Science & Engineering Day for his work on Optimality and Robustness in Multi-Robot Path Planning with Temporal Logic Constraints

03/05/2012 Calin will co-chair HSCC 2013 with Franjo Ivancic, NEC Labs

02/01/2012 Calin is an invited plenary speaker at HSCC 2012, Beijing, China, April 17, 2012

09/20/2011 New Emerging Frontiers NSF grant on TLR network and the innate immune response (NSF release)

07/25/2011 Yushan successfully defended her PhD prospectus titled Automatic Synthesis of Distributed Control and Communication Schemes

06/15/2011 Batcopter makes headlines (Discovery News, Discover Magazine, IEEE Spectrum, Popular Science)

06/10/2011 HyNeSs Lab is awarded an AFOSR DURIP grant to design and build a team of robotic flying vehicles (Press release from DoD)

05/31/2011 Guilhem passed his Bioinformatics PhD qualifier exam. Congratulations Guilhem!

05/27/2011 Ebru and Alphan passed their SE PhD qualifiers. Congratulations Ebru and Alphan!

05/20/2011 BU-led MURI project on Microbial Robotics (Press release from DoD, BU Engineering article)

04/04/2011 Robotics research in the HyNeSs lab featured by Channel 5 evening news (Channel 5, BU ME news)

12/22/2010 Igor passed his SE PhD qualifier. Congratulations Igor!

12/07/2010 Ana passed her ME PhD qualifier. Congratulations Ana!

12/06/2010 Boyan defended his PhD thesis titled "A formal framework for analysis and design of synthetic gene networks" and became Dr. Yordanov!

11/08/2010 Yushan got the Best Student Paper Award at DARS 2010 for the paper "A Formal Approach to Deployment of Robotic Teams in an Urban-Like Environment". Check out the ECE news article!

09/03/2010 NSF award on learning and control in distributed cyber-physical systems (CPS) CPS (award abstract)

08/10/2010 Deep Epistasis in Human Metabolism is the most downloaded Chaos article in July 2010 (web link)

07/23/2010 Science Daily: Cancer-Metabolism Link Runs Deep in Humans, Novel Algorithm Suggests (see article)

07/19/2010 MURI project on animal-inspired robust flight - collaboration with labs from the University of Washington, the University of Maryland, and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Press release from DoD)

06/18/2010 Niraj passed his qualifiers!

10/09/2009 NIH grant to study the connection between obesity and the immune response

08/01/2009 NSF grant on formal approaches for analysis and control of stochastic systems

05/12/2009 HyNeSs Lab work on RULE was featured in the latest issue of MIT technology review.

05/08/2009 HyNeSs Lab is part of a large multi-university project on agent and multi-agent autonomy. This will be 5-year collaboration with labs from MIT, UC Berkeley, and the University of Pennsylvania. Here's the press release from ONR

12/15/2008 HyNeSs Lab is awarded an ARO grant on "Specification languages and distributed control schemes for teams of unmanned vehicles"

11/25/2008 HyNeSs Lab is awarded an AFOSR Young Investigator Award "Formal synthesis of control and communication strategies for teams of unmanned vehicles" (AFOSR news)

08/15/2008 HyNeSs Lab is awarded an NSF grant ($300,000, 09/2008 - 09/2011) in the area of formal analysis and control of hybrid systems (see more)

07/31/2008 RA positions available - interested graduate students send email to cbelta at bu dot edu with CV attached